Maybe Baby

by Whim, Po & Emili

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Recorded on March 27, 28, and 29 of 2010 at Vie Moderne Recording, Madison, WI. Produced by Whim, Po and Emili
Photograph by Scotty Gunderson


released May 13, 2010

Many thanks to Glenn Fung, Dylan Nelson, The Jane Meyer, Scotty Gunderson, Andrew Nussbaum, Jon Chang, the changing seasons, and our friends and family for their love and support. "Like the sun, you hold us high."



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Whim, Po & Emili Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Shadow Puppets
We take our time
Take it off my wall
Outta my pocket and away
from mother's call.
God sends his grace
for clothing's fall- heyhey
we got no time.
Ain't got no time at all.
Breathing shadow puppets
cleanse my walls.
Breathing shadow puppets
cleanse the halls. Skit skat.
Track Name: Lost
I lost again
You said I'd win
You said, you said
I'd win
We'd win
Track Name: Pipe
Puff, puff, puff
On my old wooden pipe 'til I
Feel, feel, fell
Like it's all all right then I
Walk, walk, walk
'Til there's no more light
Sit below the acorn tree
For the rest of my life

Wasting time like spending dimes
'Til all my money's gone
And I'm outside righting rhymes
Instead of doing what's important
With all these rhymes inside my head
there's not much I can do
So I write to clear my thought a bit
and that way I can focus
By the time I'm done
The day is gone and I've nothing for to show it

So I stay away, all night it seems
Might as well finish up
This pipe weed
Track Name: For Me
Tired eyes in your head
Tired eyes in your head
Let us drink at my house, darling
Drink with me at my house
You have many lovers now
Won't you tell me there names
We can lie on the floor, thinking
We can lie on the floor

Yes tomorrow we will
We will swim, ba da da da dum
La ba da da la la la da,
Swim ba da da da dum

Sleep with me at my house
Won't you sleep with me at my house
Wake me when the sun rise, rises
Wake me when the sun rise
Track Name: Anthem
And in the morning
I'll be sitting here, singing
Still waiting for you